Thursday, October 1, 2015

So today is our community meal and tonight we will be featuring chicken shake and bake drum sticks,fresh carrots and peas and tater tots.
I always get excited on community meal morning,though it will be a long day,it is a worth wide endeavor.
Usually Laura and I start at 9 or 10Am to get everything going,so when we meet again at 3pm all we have to do is set up and do the last of the preparations to our food.
Funny the morning is usually very quite,with just a minimal of people coming and going,as the day progresses more and more activity and familiar faces show up and the meal is on,with all of us running to meet our quest needs.
We serve about 40 friends and have take homes for anyone who is in want or need of more food to take home.
Last night I prepared 4 graham cracker pudding cheese pies which took me less then half an hour.
Most things we make don't take allot of time but some meals,like today's,require dedicated people to spend several days making nutritious,great tasting meals.
The joy of doing this work is that we provide fellowship to the lonely.
One lady told me if it where not for this meal,she would never eat with anyone.
How sad is that,something you and I take for granted,people around to talk to,she feels is a blessing.
Well its off to shower and the race begins,but this is a race I truly enjoy and look forward to.
Praise God I can help my community in this small way